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i lost my joint axis in assembly


New member
i don't know if i can explain clearly but any help is greatly appreciated. i'm designing a mechanism by module. which is first i create assembly of pneumatic cylinders consisting of 2 parts with slider connections. everything goes well in the module level. but when i assemble this module into the main assembly, i lost some of the joint axis and drivers in the module. i have the structure of the model tree below. module-assembly works fine but i lost the joint axis of cylinder1 in the main assembly. can aynone explain why is this happening?


-parent part




----cylinder-shaft1 ()

---part1 ()



----cylinder-shaft2 ()

i've found out the problem.. it happen when i turn on the simplified rep.. don't know the exact reason but it does solve the problem.. it's something like the reference of the mechanism connection is lost when i activate it..