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I am a simple man, but...


New member
OK, I've logged three calls in the past two days and got a one hour response for all three :) I'm going to make this my preferred method of logging calls, it seems to work.

Steve C


Also, if there is a particular model that you're having trouble with when you log the call, uploaded it at the same time. Then when they first call you back they've most likely already opened your model and [hopefully] seen the problem.

-Brian Adkins


New member
Geese I cannot even attempt to say the Guys name I got last time, your lucky to Get Abdul. Last guy I got I thought he said Aint Mis Behaven than he rattled something else off.... I had to tell him to slow down, couldnt get a word out of what he was saying.

Seriously though I find if its not critical open a call via the web and put critical on it and they usually get back in a decent time frame (less than 2 hours) mind you I am never at my desk when the call back. It seems that when you call and wait 10 minutes thats pretty good, unless you call at 8 am sharp ESt, than you get right through.

I seem to remember an option on the call system that they took away and that was to obtain US based support, those calls went to Needham which you waited longer for but would get a decent answer, not the usual re-install or I'll get back to you, where any 10cent moron could dole out the answer.


New member
I don't use the phone - I've always used the Internet

to log all my calls.

We have Silver Level support.

My experience with PTC's tech support has always been excellent.



New member
I have to agree with you to Brad. The last 3 weeks I logged about a dozen calls for the company and everyone one of them were answered within 15-20 min. and all in Needham.


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