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HP750C Plotter will not print full size paperwith date stamp


New member
I have an HP750c E size plotter with Postscript option with margins set to minimal on both sides and the setting on plotter print inked area. The plotter uses roll paper. The problem is when I plot full size (scale 1/1) and include the time stamp feature - the edge (same side as time stamp) of my drawing format doesn't print. I have to use variable and increase the numbers which rotates my d and e size prints and still cuts of an edge of my drawing format off. Question. The distance from edge of paper (ex. 24x36) to any entity of the format should that be ????. Do I have to make my drawing formats (on the time stamp side) smaller? HELP!

A size 8-1/2x11

B size 11x17

C size 17x22

D size 22x34

E size 34x44
Don't know if it helps but there is a long standing bug with Pro/E and HP plotters - the plot is offset by approx 10-15mm down and to the left. You probably already know that, but no harm in saying.
Thanks for the reply. I did not know that. So do I need to make my borders to my drawing smaller. Example, should I leave a 1.5 in margin on the left side of the (roll/sheet) paper and a 1/2 margin on the right side and 1/2 margin on the top and bottom of the paper. Thanks again for the reply. If you have more suggestion. Email me at [email protected] and we can have a Microsoft NetMeeting on my workstation.

PS. I am a single Design Engineer looking for work do you have anything that I can quote.


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