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how to use same cross section in diffrent parts


New member
hi every one

pay u r attension plz.

i have a rectangular cross section.

but every time i have to use that cross section.

with different dimensions like

length breath

1.1 .6

1.4 .7

1.8 1

2.1 1.1

my question is i want use this cross section while using relation

in a such a manner that if i change length of rectangle

it has to change the dimension in terms of breath automatically.

i want to use this crossing section for various parts for differnt

operations like sweep, swept blend etc.

where i am getting problems i am unable to use the cross

section for different part to use the cross section in a diffrent model after adding relations to the section.

while in sketcher create your rectangle.

use Sketch>relations and set up your relations such as sd1=2*sd0 so the length is 2 * the width.

file>save and save the section.

start a new part and while in skethcer use sketch>data from file and you can pick the .sec file you just saved. The sketcher relations stay with the section.


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