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How to use Excel spreadsheet to control dimensions?


New member
Hello there,

May i know the concise steps to achieve the above? I suspect that PRO/E allows me to generate a part using a three dimensional equation, can anyone pls tell me how to do that? thanks!!

one quick and easy way is through Family tables.

Create the generic part, then create a family table, choose the dimensions you want to change for the columns of the table.

Then click File > Edit with Excel, from there you can edit your instances.

I think there is no easy way to link a *.prt, *.asm file directly with a *.xls file, so you must work with the above option


have any of proe users tried the above method of the described site ??

I felt that i had to discover the wheel again.....

Why PTC has an excellent way sometimes to make easy thinks so difficult ??

Well... lets hope wildfire would be more windows cad system

Thanks for the help, proed and xcad. you guys have given me the best Christmas present ever!! may God bless you guys in all endeavours. :eek:)
Hello xcad,

How do i update the values in the family tab tables after i have modify them?

Also, how to change from column to row format in the Family Tab table? i got 60 variables and quite hard to see them in col format...

Dear xcad,

i did as u instructed in Excel to update Pro/E. But when i close the spreadsheet, and i use Regenerate in the command list, it said that pro/e has not changed since last generation!! Please advise....Thanks.
Dear xcad,

Why does Pro/E generate a new tmp file every time i use Excel to edit the dimensions? It seems to work the lst time, but File --> Update Pro/E does not seem to work the second time and subsquent time....Pls advise....This is a matter of life and death....


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