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How to use Closed Corner


New member
I am really strugling trying to use the closed corner command for a basic sheet metal part. I started with a basic .06 thick block, added .5 flanges to 2 perpendicular corners and now I want to close that corner in. I read the help that is in UG and it seems simple, but for some reason it won't let me pick anything. Not a single thin in the model can be picked for the closed corner command. I am using NX 4.


New member
I have found how to add the corner tool to my modeling tool bar. I could get a full miter corner, but that is not what I want. The other options in the corner tool give me odd twists and extra shapes. I want to close the corner in with more of an overlap like in the closed corner command, but when I switch to sheet metal and use the closed corner tool it does not let me pick anything in my model.


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