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How to Union an assembly


New member
I am working on a simple piece that was created as an assembly, but I would like to union as if it were a part. I want to be able to export it in order to carry out FEA. Any idea on how to union the assembly??


New member
What does union the assembly mean? Union is not a term used with Pro/E. I seem to remember the term union from years ago when I used AutoCAD R.14 in 3D mode. It was a boolean operation, I think. Is this what you mean?


New member
I think what you are trying to do is merge into a solid. That's fairly easy.

Just export the assembly as a shrinkwrap, and pick the 'merged solid' option. This will give you the single part you are looking for. Be careful with the quality option though. Higher numbers will crush your processor unless your running a high end workstation. Most of the other options in the window are pretty self explanitory.



New member
If u are meaning Union is to convert the assembly into part then External Shrinkwrap is the better alternative.

In Assembly Feature>Create>Data Sharing>Extshrinkwrap....

I feel it solves ur concern.


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