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how to transfer 2001 file to 2000I

hello ,

try this:

1. Open Pro/E 2001 with the part you wish to convert.

2. Select Feature/UDF Library/Create You will be prompted to give the gph file a name.

3. Select Stand Alone and then No when asked if you should include the reference part.

4. Select all the features from the model tree except the 3 default datum planes

5. You will now be prompted to enter names for your references and to specify whether you should only be prompted once or multiple times for each references. Be Sure to select Single for each reference and also name the references according to what each datum is named. ie. DTM1, DTM2, XPlane, Front, Top, etc.

6. Next you will be prompted to review your references and prompt names. If satisfied, click Done

7. Open Pro/E 2000i2 and follow the same procedure with a dummy file. Give the udf a different name. You can skip this step by downloading a text file of the needed udf information by right-clicking here

8. Open both files in Notepad and cut/paste from the 2000i2 (or downloaded) file header into the 2001 file. Be sure to replace the entire string of information that you find in the above downloadable file.

9. In 2000i2, create a new part that contains only the 3 default datum planes.

10. In 2000i2, select Feature/Group and browse to find the edited gph file.

11. Select Independent, Same Dims, and Normal for the display of invariable dimensions.

12. Select 3 datum references as prompted and then select their direction.

13. Click Done

You will now have your 20001 part imported into 2000i2.

You can right click on the group name in the model tree and select Ungroup to break it apart into the features




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