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How to stop Hole Note creation


New member
I am wondering if you can stop the creation of notes on standard holes. I know you can change the config setting and not display them, but I want to get rid of them all together. We use a different call out on details and those notes just clutter the models. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


New member
Check out the PTC-help: Thread Note Formatting(2001)

If this does not help please contact me again.


New member
Although that would be helpful for formatting notes, I am looking for a way to stop them from being created. Like I said, I know you can set the config file so the notes are not displayed. My fear is, in a future release (I'm using 2001 now) that the notes will be displayed and look like a mess. Right now, most of our users control the display through layers, and the others turn off the 3d notes in environment settings. We have no need for these notes, so I would like to eliminate them so you don't have to go through the process of turning off layers or deleting them.
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