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How to split a solid.....


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Can someone tell me the simpliest way to split a solid into two pieces? I created a long cross-section of a bridge that I would like to split into multiple pieces. Imagine a bridge that has a circular curvature. I need to split the bridge at the datum points along the defining trajectory. This explanation should make a lot more sense along with the picture. I figure that I should make planes to cut the bridge, but I don't really know how to do this.

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What part of the bridge is this section? Is this an overpass, a bridge for cars to drive on, or London bridge section or cable section... Dumm me because all the pictures you put up and I still can't figure it out. Sorry!


It is the main section of the bridge used as a freeway, where the cars drive on. the view i'm giving is of the top portion. sorry about not giving enough specifics. The columns that hold it up are in separate part files, so you don't see them right now. the railings are also in another part file. the picture shows you about one forth of the whole bridge. I need to split this into smaller sections. is this clearer?
Clear! Thanks nkpham. When you say split are you referring to making two part? Like going from Flare 1 to Hallow 4, (one part) and Hallow 4 to Flare 4 (second part).

Iam guesting you created the bridge from a series of points (point file).Can you edit the point file to have the protrution (sweep) up to the desire points? If not let me know how The Bridge was created. HaHa The Bridge


actually, the bridge is created by a simple sweep along a trajectory. the trajectory is a datum curve created by an equation.
hi will this help u

u can make the bridge as several small pieces (where u want t o break) keep a ofsetted datum so that u can move the piece any where u like to move it by offsetting the datum

and if u like to have the bridge joined u can offset the datums to zero . will it work for u?
create datums at each point. Make them thru your points then normal to your trajectory.

Datum planes are recognized as quilts by pro, so they can be used to cut a solid.

solid>cut>use quilt in 2001



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