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How to Smooth Jagged Edges


New member
Hi everyone,

Here is a screenshot of my work. As you can see, the edges are very jagged even though it is supposed to be a clean sweep. Any suggestions for smoothing it out? The accuracy is already set to .0001, btw.

Thanks a bunch.

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Mathematically, your sweeps are smooth, but to cut down on graphics processing, Pro/E doesn't do all the math when displaying the model on the screen. This doesn't affect the actual accuracy of your model... mass props, interference caclulations, etc. use the underlying mathematical geometry in their calculations.

If it's really important for you to see smoother lines at the cost of slower graphics performance, set your shading quality higher (default = 3... max = 10).

-Brian Adkins


New member
Thank you for the quick response. I am creating the visual model for a finite element model, so it has to look very nice. Where is this option located?


New member
I'm not sure Pro/E can do it, but in Unigraphics when I'm zoomed in real close and see what I think is jagged edges, I can do an update display (in the right mouse button) and this smoothes out any appearance of jagged edges.

Steve C