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How to reverse engineer a part???


New member
Hi everybody

I am a mechanical engineer working in a forging company. My company has purchaed a LK CMM .They have scanned a forged part & handed the IGES data to me to build the part for generating its code in Pro/manufacture. I have imported this iges data into pro/scan-tools. It consists of curves.I have to build the model out of these curves.How can i convert those curves into the surfaces.Can i use pro/e instead of pro/scantools to build surfaces from these curves using insert>datum>curve>from file.

Moreover this data is oversized by the radius of CMM's

probe.Tell me can i offset this whole data by the radius of probe in pro/scan-tools or in some other module of proe so i get the exact dimensioned model.if yes then what is the procedure.Copy cad has this capability.

Also tell me should we use pro/scan-tools for this purpose or some other reverse engineering software like copycad.I myself prefer pro/scan-tools because of associativity with other proe modules.If u say pro-scantools, kindly suggest me from where i can get learning stuff for this software other than proe's user guides .

I will be grateful to you for your suggestions.

If you have the capital, then look into Raindrop Geomagic or Rapidform 2001, expect to spend $7K+ for Rapidform and $12K+ for Geomagic.


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