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How to retreive file from Student Version ?


New member
I have downloaded file (compressor turbine) from the data bank and it's impossible for me to retreive it in my Pro/E session.

How to workaround this issue ?

Thanks in advance

The commercial version of Pro/E cannot open student edition files, and vice versa.
Jason's right: but there is a workaround if you can find some one who has a student version of pro/e. We have done it using User defined features (UDFs)

First open up the part in In Pro/E (student) then create a UDF of the entire part file.

Fire up Pro/E (full version) and open up you standard start part. Bring in the UDF into the start part, save it.

I have not tried this whith an assembly, one would think that with an assy you would have to UDF each component individualy. and then re-assemble them afterwards.

Skuld ^_^


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