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How to restrict the model in Pro/E


New member
Dear Sir,

I modeled one part in Pro/E wildfire2.0. Is it possible to restrict my model so that others can see the model and not to allow then to change the dimensions or commands which i used to model that part.

Thanking you



New member
You could try Read Only under Edit. Doesn't really stop anyone from changing it back but could be of use.



New member
From window explorer, RMB on the file. Select the read only box, and then select the security tab. On the security tab, only allow full access to those you want.

My thought anyway.



New member
If you were to go the export route export it out as a neutral (.neu) file that way you still have the datum planes in the model.


New member
If the model is not too complex you could enter all the dims as relations. It wouldn't keep anyone from changing them, but it would keep people from inadvertently changing anything.

Might be a lot of work though.

This sounds like a good feature to add. If Pro had it's own 'read-only' or password protect function. I know Intralink and PDM systems do this, but most of us don't have them.


New member
Pro E does have it owns Read Only function the problem with it is anyone could go in and clear it out.