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How to read the drawings


New member
Hi This is naveenrapheal,</DIV>
<DIV> My question is how to read the drawing.What all the things first we should look for when we see the hardcopy of drawing whatever it may be (in modelling or in drafting),please suggest me the idea,though iam working from past 2years,i want the sugestion who will give in differnet ways and iam looking for that.</DIV>


New member

From a machine shop stand of point first they all want to know what are they making meaning description like piston,headcap,shaft,etc.Then material, dim. and tolerance spec. like decimals places .0 +/- .02,.00 +/-.01,.000+/-.005,etc.Then look at overal dim. length,heigth,width,notes,etc. Look for features with symmetry around the center axis that typacaly repeated and easy to machine keeping in mind looking for errors before any operation is made like lean manufaturing avoid waste,if other features from others that correspond are aling with no interferance etc. Well there's a lot more but hope this would give an idea to how to start and what to lok for.



D.Kumara Raja

New member

Study the Name, material, Quantity required, revision of the drawing etc.,

First off all look at the overall shape of the drawing in front view or rear in which most of the informations are given, then look at their projects (left, Top etc.,) visualize the shape of the components, then carefully read all the dimensions. In reading dimesions first look at the Critical dimension, then major dimension, then look for symmetry or non symmetry. Get a clear picture of the functional requirements. Then study the tolerance.

You can go head now with your production.


D.Kumara Raja