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how to read file


New member
hi in regenerate i have

enter values

read from file

how can i use read from file and which dir it should be?

if i use a notepad showing the values ex


it does not read file itself can any one help me

thanks in advance



New member
Hi magi

When you've used Pro/Program in your model; and whenever you click on REGENERATE three options namely..

1.Current vals


3.Read file .......are available.

When you use the option ENTER you can select all/only those input parameters you wish to change.

To use the READ FILE option ..

1.Create a text file in which you enter the values for all your

input parameters(length=10)

2.Save this text file(folder it doesn't matter).

3.Now in Pro/E for the Enter file name prompt enter the

name of the file(with extension) and click the green check

mark.Pro/E reads the values of the input parameters from

this file and builds the model accordingly.

Note:If the file is in a different folder other than the working

directory, you are supposed to enter the absolute path.

Hope this finds some use for you.

DN Reddy,Manchuri.RANNVISION,Hyderabad.