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how to put a surface on datum curves


New member
I have created a datum curve from equations, it is one continious length, with differing start and end points.

I hope you can visualise it from the images below??

View attachment 37

View attachment 38

What i hope to do is create this into a surface, but im not sure on the best methods of doing so, or if it is even possible??

Any help appreciated?

I think that trying to use the curve as a basis for any type of sweep, blend, or regular surface feature will not work...

However, I have not looked into the restyle feature. You could pattern points along the length of the curve to get a few hundred or thousand points which may be more useful than the curves for any downstream techniques.

This kind of model creation is not really Pro/E's forte. You could try bringing the curves or points into another system such as Rhino3D which has the ability to 'drape a surface' over skeleton curves.

Not sure exactly what you're trying to model (not surprising !!), but strongly recommend you read up on boundary surfaces and style features.

The Boundary Surface is Pro/E's principal way of draping surface features over datum-curves.

A basic understanding of these little advertised features may clue you in to as to how to structure your curves and may get you what you're looking for.

N.B. Style features are just a repackaging of boundary surfaces and datum-curves.
I use style features, but I've never tried restyle... In fact, I think it might be a separate license module

Any way, from the demos I've seen, it behaves sort of like Geomagic Studio which can turn point clouds into really nice nurbs surfaces.

I took the 2-day Geomagic class back in 1999 and it was some pretty slick stuff.

Can you send me the curves? Its hard to tell what you are up to by looking at the jpeg.

I think you would want either a boundary blend or a style feature.

The only reason you would use style over a bb is if you want to create style curves that loosely reference the original data and use them to tweak the shape.

I dont think you want restyle (its a separate module and its 15k) its very good but I think its better suited to draping surfs over stl or scan data.

The major problem with trying to use surface features with the above model is that there is only a single curve...

You would first need to split the curve into multiple segments in order to try something like a regular boundary surface.

i'll bet you a dollar to donuts that you could create that with a virable section sweep, utilizing the TRAJPAR variable. don't ask me what the formula would be. (i don't know) read up on variable section sweeps, and this may help.

there are some good models available here on ProeCentral to download that are built with variable section sweeps that utilize the trajpar variable.

I don't know the answer, presently. I would like to know the equation you used to draw the above datum curve.


Rajesh S