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how to pick "one by one" in WF2.0


New member
In WF2.0, when creating a round, how do I select the edges in the "One by One" selection method????


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jrobi said:

thatis not what I meant. In 2001 and previous, when creating a round, you could choose the edges by "Tangent Chain" or "One By One". In WF2.0 when you select an edge, it grabs up the entire tangent chain. I do not want the entire tangent chain, I only want one portion of the chain, i.e. One by One.


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I tried the sets tab, then in there, the details tab. i was able to select the individual edges, but the resulting round continues all the way out the chain. Not what i want.......

I may bite the bullet and activate legacy mode.... sucks.... i'm afraid i may have to log a call to the dreaded tech support line & deal with Ali Babba.....


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To Trim Round Geometry

  1. Select the references for the round and click

    . The Round tool opens.

    If you have a closed-loop round set, you need to open it by removing a patch. Right-click and select Remove Patch from the shortcut menu. Pro/ENGINEER removes the patch.

    In the graphics window, select the round piece end that you want to trim, right-click and select Trim from the shortcut menu.

    Select the patch to which you want to trim the round piece. Pro/ENGINEER trims the selected round piece up to and including the selected patch.

    The trimmed round piece is complete. You can continue to work with rounds or click

    enabling Pro/ENGINEER to create the round and close the Round tool.

Just like this. How do you like it?


New member
Actaully, all you need to do is select the edge you want to round, then press the SHIFT key and select the same edge again (you should see the "One-by-One" message window pop-up);View attachment 957

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To elaborate a little on James' explanation:

After selecting an edge segment, bring the cursor back over it causing it to pre-highlight again. A screen tip should come up and a message in the status bar saying "1 One-by-One Chain". Press the SHIFT key, select the same segment again and (holding SHIFT) proceed to collect segments.

You can also, after pressing SHIFT, RMB to cycle thru the available collection modes (tan, loop, etc.).

There are some slight variations and nuances, but that should get you started.

I believe (think I remember reading about there being) a tutorial on WF selection methods on PTC's site. Maybe in the what's new for WF section. (?)
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