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How to model obstructions to a camera field of view (FOV)?


New member
I have a camera with a FOV modeled as a quilt and would like to remove the obstructions and their shadows to show a representation of the actual FOV. This is simple until the obstruction geometry becomes complex. I have a few ideas, but not sure how to implement and am open to other suggestions. I know the optical center of the camera. To picture this issue, think of a round obstruction. It will case a cone that gets larger as the shadow is modeled beyond the obstruction. In my case, I have a round obstruction that is not aligned with the optical center so it makes a warped cone. I don't see a way to create this as a revolved feature.

Current Idea (will update as I check other ideas):
1. I have tried to make axes from the optical center through points on the silhouette of the obstruction. This gives me enough information to boundary blend, but I need the shadow to extend beyond the obstruction. The extend feature accomplishes this, but it requires multiple extends to go beyond the range of the camera FOV. It ends up being a nasty surface that doesn't want to merge.

Thank you for any suggestions you can provide and have a nice day.


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