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How to manipulate imported IGES curve once in Pro/E


New member
Some one please help!.

I have a curve that I imported from IGES in to ProE and need to tweak it (meaning, changing slightly the transition in certain areas of the curve). This curve was placed using X,Y and Z so, I am not able to change it in sketch mode.

Do you have a good method of getting this done?.

Thank you,

If it's only curves then you can create a datum-curve from file with your iges file.

Pro/E then stores this information in ibl format with x,y,z coordinates.

You can then redefine this feature and delete any extraneous entities (e.g. datum-axes come thru as solid lines and these can be deleted).

Redefine will also let you edit file whereby the data is presented in notepad.

This may work for you..
Dear Doug,

I want to let you know that I tried creating a datum-curve as per your suggestion (from file) and confirmed that I can now redefine this feature by editing the file. This is cool!. I have always imported curves in to the models in different other methods but not this great one. Thanks a lot.

> As per your second e-mail I have also used the spline points option in the edit curve dialogue to move the points.

>Your help has been just an outstanding one.

> Thanks a million
Proedesign, thank you for your comments, this is a very powerful funtion in Pro/E and I've been using it for a number of years.

You can create your x,y,z coordinates in another app like a spreadsheet and cut and paste your data into your feature.

I originally used this in cam design to eliminate curve end-points and create a single, non-segmented, continuous curve.

On rotation, a multiple segment profile will lose placement refs as the cam passes from one segment to another.

With a single, non-segmented, continuous curve, full 360 deg cam rotation is possible..

ibl format is an extremely powerful function (if little known) function which helps set Pro/E apart from the rest...
Try this: FEATURE>CREATE>ADVANCED>SWEPT BLEND>THIN(If it's a pipe)>NORM TO ORIGIN TRAJ , choose your curve for traj Sketching the sections at both ends of the curve(take the default sketching orientations). Just give it the pipe thickness at the end when prompt.

I hope this helps you.



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