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how to make gears tutorial


New member
I am doing a project for school, and I need to make a couple gears for it, and I was wondering if any one knew a good site with a tutorial for wildfire 2.0? I found one site, caddigest, but the tutorial was for an older version, and I didn't know how to use the instructions they gave in my version. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


New member
The easiest way is to create the involutes using a datum curve from equations.

Assuming acylindrical coordinate system your equations will be:





DBASE= m*z/cos(alpha)-base circle diameter

m - gear module

z - number of teeth

alpha_max - max roll angle (at tip circle)


This curve will give you one side of the tooth. To create the other side you will mirror this curve about the tooth center plane.

To create the tooth center plane you need first to determine the 1/2 center angle at the base circle (or 1/2 tooth thk. at base circle):

/*tooth half center opening at base circle

gamma=((pi/2+2*x*tan(alpha))/z+tan(alpha)-alpha*pi/180)*180/ pi

where: z - number of teeth

x - profile shift

alpha - pressure angle (20deg. typical)

Create the tooth center plane at this angle relative to the csys used to create the involute.

Mirror the involute curve about the previous plane. Now you should the both sides of the tooth. To complete the tooth profile refer to the basic rach information provided in the ISO 53 standard (or the corresponding AGMA standard).

Copy -Rotate the final tooth profile with a rotaion angle about the "z" axis equal to 360/z. Pattern this feature (360/z increment, z-1 copies)

You can use the ciurves to create cuts/protrusions for the crown.


New member
Just found this topic, trying to follow the tutorial but considering i am hopeless at pro.e i cant find the crv x crv datum point to intersect the curve and diameter circle. Can anyone help? Im using wildfire 2.

everything i read says there is a datum menu, not that i can see there isnt.