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How to make a .pts and .ibl file ?? urgent


New member

I am a newbie to Pro-E. I am trying to model a compressor wheel. I took measurement on CMM for the compressor wheel blade profile. what i have now is a x,y,z pts of blade. i came to know that we can make a point cloud and generate a surface. they are talking about some .pts and .ibl files ? Can anyone help me and tell me how to make those .pts and .ibl file and then how to make a point cloud out of it and generate a surface.

pls help me.. i am badly stuck with it :(

thanks in advance

To create a .pts file:

Create a new text file and just enter the point's xyz values with a space between each value, remember that it takes the values in XYZ order only whatever values you give, each line takes for one point for example say you have entered as 20 10 30 it is for first point the next line you enter will be for next point, continue to the required number of points and close the text file.

Go to command prompt and rename the xxx.txt file to xxx.pts file, in pro-e datum points>offset csys> cartesian>read points and it asks for file to read from just point it to the .pts file you have created.


Check out the following link:

IBLs are useful, you can create points, curves and blends (both surface and solid) from them. They consist of two or more sections and each section can be open or closed.

Points are next to useless, curves are useful for examining geometry prior to creating a solid or surface (surfaces & solids are more prone to failure).

2 blending options exist - pointwise and arclength. For pointwise blending you have to have the same number of points in each section.

I think also for blend features the sections have to be planar.

Hope you have a set of points for each airfoil section !!!!!!


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