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How to make a color SHINY?


New member
I have tried with no avail to render a model and simulate polished steel. In the color editor I have moved all the sliders to bright, and shiny, but as you can see from the attached picture.... not very shiny, and definatly doesn't look like polished steel balls. The reflective option is turned on. Do you need somthing special for walls in the room for it to reflect?

View attachment 60

I had this kind of probelm when I started to use Photorender. What you need to do is add some patterns on the walls and floors. By the look of your picture there is nothing to reflect in the chrome balls.

Hope this helps.

You also need to play with your lights.

Turning off ambient lighting is always a good thing and playing with light directions to highlight your model (and for shadow control) is a good thing too.

Shiny shuttlecraft:

View attachment 286

Shiny starship:

View attachment 287

View attachment 288

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View attachment 290

Shiny shuttlecraft + starship:

View attachment 291

This is a good article that may help:

Red_devil is right, when you think about the basics about what makes a shiny object shiny there are two things:

1) The way light is reflected and diffused.

2) The way surrounding objects and colors are reflected.

In your Newton's Cradle image it looks like you've only considered 1)

I have several favorite texture patterns I like to use for floor, ceiling, 1st, 3rd and 4th walls to give nice specular and color highlights in the model.

PS. What does this have to do with animation ??

PPS. (or as Speling says PSS) the starship model used in these images is available for download from Pro E Central:
True. I have the room rendered, but I didn't put any textures on the walls or floor because I didn't really want to reflect anything but light. I will have to experiment with different textures so I don't get a picture of anything reflecting in the steel balls.

P.S. Not animation... PRO/PHOTORENDER.