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how to interface


New member
after design a part model in pro-e how to interface it with a CNC machine.will proe mfg. help in this.how to generate G-codes for a part model.

pls, anyone can give me notes on pro-e manufacturing and pro-e mold design.

thank u



Active member
Buy Pro/Manufacturing book by SDC. Its basic book but agood starter.

After you are in then you should ask for specific questions here.



New member
I write programs for Punch Press....I quess u need Pro Manufacturing Modules to write teh codes..it is pretty straight forward.


Hi Astroman

First of all man pls tell me that do u have Pro/NC and Pro/mold design ???

If yes than just wait some time and email me at [email protected]

so I will make some toturials for u and U can download that by my web site.

by the way from which country u belongs??