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How to import an Excel table into a drawing???


New member
Dose any one know how I can import data from an Excel file to a table in a drawing?

Or even import the whole Excel table into a drawing.
In drawing mode go to Insert - Object - Microsoft Excel Worksheet, but it might not print it and I haven't spent too much time with it to figure out why.

In drawing mode go to Insert - Object - Microsoft Excel Worksheet, but it might not print it and I haven't spent too much time with it to figure out why.

Dear Hayo

Dan D is right.

I had the same problem some weeks ago - I was told that only version 2001 / 2002030 could import theese files.

You can dynamically change the size of the table by picking the table (already in Pro), grabbing the corners (they should have pick boxes) and moving to a size that is appropriate. Any more questions, you can email me.

With regards to proe-2001, Goto Insert/object menu in drawing mode, u get two options creat new/creat from file, click on creat from file & browse for excel file if it is already existing, If u switch on link its required to have ur excel file in working directory otherwise u can handle excel in drawing mode independently. click ok to get table. right click on table & select edit object to enter into excel file in drawing mode to edit (change text color, etc.) . drag the corner to adjust height & width.

With regards to proe-2000i2 let me have a try,


Hello try this,

Insert > object > Create New > Excel Spreedsheet > OK

Open your excel file you want to import, select the cells and copy them, then go and activate the Excel Spreedsheet you have just created in Pro/E, and paste the cells. As you can see from this option you can manage better your inserted *.xls file.

You can also paste as link this information.


Is it possible to get the drawing to update when you change the worksheet. I created a drawing with a worksheet, saved, closed out, and then changed the worksheet. When I opened the drawing back up it was just blank.
Has anyone investigated why the excel worksheet does not

print or appear in a tif file - even though it is clearly visible in

the drawing? I would appreciate any work arounds - other than

retyping the whole excel sheet as a table.

I'm having very good success importing an Excel spreadsheet into a drawing and being able to edit it directly in the drawing by entering values in certain cells that automatically get grabbed to calculate the values for other cells using these cells in a formula.

We are currently running 2001, build 2003400.

My only issue is this:

The imported Excel file does not publish in ProductView.

Does anyone have any ideas why and if there's a way to resolve this?


Brad Hacker

Zebra Technologies
To Julio, Gurveen, and Vishal,

OLE (Object Linking and Imbedding) was not available prior to 2001. The Insert drop down menu also was not present prior to 2001. Unfortunately, I haven't used 2000i2 in three years, so I can remember how to place a non-Pro E object into a drawing (or even if it was possible).
I was told by PTC support that the only way to get imported objects to print was to use the MS print manager configuration instead of the Pro/E print configs. This worked fine for printing. I think Product View probably uses a postscript or some other Pro/E driver to create the viewable image so you don't get the attached object.


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