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how to hide components in drawing?


New member
i m a new proe user. this is the drawing which i created from my 3d model. its a mold core plate.
now u can c my plan view, and then there are 2 cross section at the right and bottom.

as what u can c, the right and bottom have a lot of componenets overlap each other, so i would like to know whether how can i hide some componenets which appear many times, like screws.
hope to hear the advice from any proe expert very soon.
tqView attachment 573


New member
Try using: views/disp mode/member disp/blank

and u can blank any no. of comp. in a selected view or in all views.


New member
Right solution of rvm_22in,...

However,.... when you need to blank many components this technique is rather intensive (You have to select each component in a 2D-environment).

Another possibility is to create a Simplified Rep. of your assembly and set that view in that Simplified Rep-state.
When you create a Simplified Rep. you have your 3D-environment. It might be easier to select in a 3D-environment when you have to blank many components.

Nevertheless, the solution of rvm_22im is good if your assembly is not too complicated.

Kind regards,
Filip Deconinck
ProE Support Consultant
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