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how to give a wavy motion to particular object?


New member
hi ther..

can anyone tel me how to giv wavy motion i mean sinusoidal or cosine motion to an object that modeled in pro-e?..

(ex: canti lever beam or simply supported beam..)

and is it possible to export that wavy motion to CFX software?

plzz do lem me know as soon as possible..

thankin u all..

Ramanand. V


New member
Sounds like a Mechanica problem to me. Take the model, apply idealizations, boundary conditions, and load conditions, run the analysis, and animate the results, capturing them in an MPEG file.

Luis Aguirre

New member
You need to run a modal analysis and look at the shape modes. if it is a cantilever beam what you are modeling run the analysis then animate the 3 or higher modes. There will be some twisting modes but mostly the rest of the modes will look like a sinusoidal. However, I am just a little curious what you are trying to accomplish.