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how to get my parameters from the model-file


New member
is there any way to get my parameters from the model without starting pro-e. i will use this like a viewer, so anyone can see the information i add to the models.

Hi Rene,

If you are useing Intralink you can specify the parameters as Object Atributes from Intralink Admin. Then if you set up the Table Config to display the attributes in common space or work space you can view model data without opening Pro/E

If you designate a parameter, the parameter and it's value will show up in the header section of the model file. I have been going thru files so I could map out some of the parameter designations so I can write a vb app to view these parameter values. If you happen to find any additional info on the model file structure please post it here. I am there are others out there who could use this info.
TrialsBug - Thanks for that - it's useful to know.

You can see the object parameters and values in the Pro/E file using a text editor. Just scroll down a bit, & amongst all the numbers you'll see the designated parameters followed by their values a couple of rows down.


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