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How to freeze the part/assembly ?


New member
Dear all...

I have one question : How to freeze the part / assembly i've made ? so that tis couldn't be modified by other users. Thank you.

Best Regards,

First of all, thanks 4 ur brief solution. But anyway, I still found a little problem how to have it re-opened? Coz' Having saved it in .cgr extension, I got any error when I re-opened it.

Thanks in advanve

in tools there is generate catpart from product command ... this will transform your product in a part with dead bodys ...
I think I got its solution finally,

As you open a Partbody file, then you copy this file > create a new Part, below the Partbody of a new file then you paste it by selecting the Paste Special. Finish it!!!!!

Best Regards,



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