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how to flatten/merge down model tree?


New member
How is it possible to flatten or merge down the model tree in WF1?

I want to only save the geometry data to a PRT file and to keep its size to the minimal before sending it to clients for viewing in ProductView Express.

Currently I export to IGES, re-import the IGES file in WF1 before saving it to PRT. I.e. doing this has a 4Mb PRT file's size reduced to 1Mb.

Use shrinkwrap. Make a shrinkwrap part not a shrinkwrap feature. In 2001, file> save a copy>shrinkwrap. (works for parts or assemblies)

Alternatively, use advanced assembly merge to merge all of the parts together in an assembly. The end result should be a single part.

kvision is right but following is another and more efficient method to flatten or merge down the model tree in WF1.

choose Insert > Shared Data > Shrinkwrap from Other Model (Select or open your assembly).

Thx for the replies. Unfortunately shrinkwrap doesn't seem to be a good option for me. The plastic or carbon fiber models am dealing have quite a thin wall thickness (generally 1.5-2mm) and don't have internal parts. (They are mostly sporting goods developed in Alias Studio.) Some surfaces are left out of the model during a shrinkwrap operation. Setting the shrinkwrap quality higher doesn't help much and makes the process very slow.

So far it is much faster and efficient to generate an IGES file (or other neutral formats), re-import in WF before saving it to PRT format.

Any other ideas welcome...
Another way to lesson the sent part size is to suppress all features if the people you are sending the file to have Pro/E.