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How to fit surface of one solid to another?


New member
I am doing this Final Year Project and i have come to the above problem. how to i make a solid, say a pipe, conform to the curvature of another solid? Thanks very much!
One way would be to create an assembly, assemble the first component (the one you want the second component to follow), then create a Skeleton Model in the assembly, in the skeleton model create datum curves that follow the first part(using composite, intersection of surfaces using variable section swept surfaces...etc), create the second component in the assembly, create features using the the skeleton model curves, the draw back is that that second part is driven by the assembly skeleton but it does work well, I use this method alot.
Assemble your parts and select modify-modify part.

Choose the part you want to modify and do a copy surface

on the surface(s) you want the part to conform to.

You can then bring the part up and use the copied surfaces to cut (cut-use quilt) the conforming surface.
Dear smills,

i tried using your method but it seems that Pro/E do not allow that when assembly is using Insert command. otherwise, i do not understand how to create skeleton model. i hope that you would kindly provide more concise steps . Thanks a lot.


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