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how to express the symbol of "Φ" by using ASCII code

Heres a response from someone on the exploder last week to that very question.

1. It seems that using the Pro/E font cal_greek works the best for me.

2. Windows character map.

3. Also, this response from TJ:

you need to use alt keys to create your text.. you shouldn't have a problem sizing them then.. for example.. holding down the alt key and selecting 0169 on the number pad gives you
thanks .

but my problem is:

strncpy( text, @O Φ, sizeof(text)-1 );

ProArrayAlloc (0, sizeof(ProLine), 1, (ProArray*)&p_texts);


ProArrayObjectAdd ((ProArray*)&p_texts, PRO_VALUE_

UNUSED, 1,text);

ProDimensionTextSet (dim, p_texts);

// I'd like to add Φ to my c application,then displaying it in drawing.

Any solutions?