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How to cut at an angle?


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OK, I know that there is an easy way to do this, but I have not figured it out yet. What I want to do is make a cut which is at a compound angle. I have a 1/2 thick plate, and I want to cut a square hole in it, which is 15 degrees from the surface of the plate, and 7.5 degrees from the edge of the plate. Can someone point me in the right direction?
Create a cut from side-to-side and at an angle of 15 deg to the plate.

Your sketch plane will have to be at an angle of 7.5 deg from the plate edge...
OK, I set up the sketch plane, how do I make a cut at an angle? Every time I try it, it wants to cut at 90 degrees to the sketch plane.
The easiest way I know of without creating a datum plane is to create a datum curve at an angle on one of the planes of the part at the point where you want the cut to enter the protusion. Next, create a cut (both sides) using a datum on the fly through the datum curve and at an angle to the plane you created the datum curve on. Use the end of the curve as a reference for the square you want to sketch. Make the cut through all for both sides resulting in the picture you see. Hope this helps, is simplest way of creating a compound cut I know of.

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Thanks for your help guys!

Yes, that is what I ended up doing, creating a new datum plane at the compound angle, and then used that as the sketching plane.
Make-datums are excellent for creating this kind of stuff - still can't believe Wildfire doesn't have this any more...
PTC badly need's some leadership with vision - they should be advertising this stuff not getting rid of it...
Talk to PTC and asked them what is needed. They may just give you SPR Number. I have done it, it works ! I would do it but Iam on 2001. I know about stuff getting rid of.
They would class this as an enhancement and not a problem so it would get little attention.

Is there a legal precedence for this ??

After all they removed a piece of functionality that users have been paying for thru their maintenance.

What is really needed are for customers like Deere and CAT to come down on them for this crap..
does wild fire doesnot contain datum on fly option is everyone sure about it then this causes us a hindrence it creates lot of feature. internal datum are good for people using complicated models we cant go and create the planes outside each time do some thing for this.

I have to agree. I'd really like it if the procedure of sketching off of a feature angle or curve wasn't so obtruse.

To do this angled cut I first tried to do a variable sweep with a two sketches on both sides but couldn't move the sketch when I copied it. I ended up trying to figure out how to put the datum in the middle of the part and used that to extrude.

Some days, I think PTC should just get an account here and read the forums... or even better put one in their User Area.
I have not had the opportunity to work on Wildfire. My understanding is the Make-Datum-on-Fly is still available, but the datum now shows in the model tree and the feature/datum become grouped? Is this true? If so, make-datum-on-fly is still there, only you see it appear in your part and in the model tree. In a way, this is a plus, in 2001 and prior, you cannot utilize those lost datums, and only their dimensional data exists.
We had a long and interesting (??) thread on SolidWorks that covered make-datum at great length, unfortunately can't find it or the originator..
donha, you can make datums in Wildfire anytime but the procedure is a little different. I am still not crazy about the Wildfire interface, personally I prefer 2001.

The Wildfire release takes a significant step toward making Pro/Engineer more pleasant to learn and use. PTC shouldn


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