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how to create threads using helical sweep feature.


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Can anybody help me to create thrads using helical sweep feature so that these thrads should be visible in the assembly mode as well. we can not see the threads in the assembly mode any way if we create by cosmetic threads. so we need to use helical sweep feature to do so. i dont know how to do so. so please help me.
Feature>Create>Cut>Advanced>Solid>Helical Sweep.

Accept the defaults (Constant, Thru axis, Right-handed).

Select the datum plane in the center of your cylinder as your sketching plane for the thread length.

Sketch a line, by selecting use edge and select the cylinder surface. Draw a centerline down the center of the cylinder as your axis of rotation.

Next, enter the pitch (length of thread/number of threads).

Next, you will sketch the threaded cross-section. Usually the shape of a triangle, square or rectangle.

You should be ready to go.

Email me with your questions.
hi if u need the thread to be visible make helical sweep in cut mode and draw the profile of thread either v or ..

remember to make the cylinder of the od of size of thread od

any qurrey mail me
Hi i have been trying to create threads using helical sweep and done everything to the instructions in this thread but at the end it is failing saying "could not intersect part with feature" does anyone have any idea what could be going wrong? also i am using wf3.


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When modeling a thread, Pro/E strategy is very similar to a lathe operation. You have a tool path and a tool which moves along that path.

I found it best to start on the outside of the part (be it a male cylindrical surface, or a hole) and plunge in, then have the path come off the feature on an angle, with a small radius.

If you look closely at how a thread is cut, this is a similar process. The tool will change direction with a small transition - not abruptly. The tool will then come off the material.
Hi SRINIVASANIYER what do you mean by land? start point? i am using a 1mm pitch

And surfdancer i am using a triangle cross section which starts on the outside edge of the hole i am trying to tread. as far as i can tell i have done everything correctly but at the end it just says "can't intersect part with feature" also it is saying " one sided edge found in cut". any ideas about that? could it possibly be that i am trying to have tread right up to the edge of the hole and therefore need to do it using helical swept surface because part of the section is cutting out air as it makes its first revolution?


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