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How to create this cleat horn


New member
Good day:

I'd like to model this cleat horn (see ).

I imagine you'd use a swept blend with different sections. My real dilemma is how to get the trajectory sketched.

I created this ACAD polyline ( ) thru the midpoint of the section lines. Now to get it into Pro/E's sketcher.

Then there's the double radius at the end of the horn. Maybe the ear command?

Any help is greatly appreciated.


To bring in the sketch. While in sketcher use Sketch>data from file you can use .dwg files. You would be better serverd to just do it in sketcher. If you know the dimensions, why wouldn't you?

Create a Swept blend. Accept the 3 points of interest for your sketch locations. Sketch each section.

To get the end rdii right create datum curves, surfaces, then merge them and create a protrusion Use Qulit.

Make sure you adjust the surface boundaries for tangency.

see image of part
I tried the Sketch->data from file. Pro/E complained about the file type. It seems that it wanted IGES.

AFA the dimensions, I only have the outside parameter dimesions. I created the polyline and used fit curve to get it to pass thru all the defining points.

I'll try again when I have some time.


Sketch the side curves as a datum-curve and make sure there is a vertex (use divide in geom tools) at a,b, & c on both sides.

Sketch each of your section curves with the sketch plane to be thru the vertices for the approriate section.

Use boundary surface and select the section curves for the first direction and the side curves for the second direction.

This will take care of most of the geometry, the end can be done with boundary surfaces also (crve to point for 1st direction and slect the appropriate side curve for the 2nd direction).


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