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how to create smart BOM for family table driven assy


New member
i have struck out here at work. i hope someone here knows the answer.

i am making a drawing for a family table driven assy. i have a -1 and a -2 configuration that i want to show on the same drawing and i want the BOM to list all the parts used on both configs. most people i've talked to just drop all parts into the generic and have the BOM generate off that. if you do that though, you'll have only one general column for quantity and not separate columns for each config as it should. i've figured out how to make a BOM that lists the family table members (-1 and -2) across the vertical left colum, the components horizontally across the top, and then a Y or N in the rest of the cells to indicate if the specific table member uses that part. so i think i'm close but i can't figure the rest of it out.

please help!
I would make one drawing with two different sheets (one sheet for each configuration). Each sheet will have its own BOM (this way you are not mixing up parts belonging to the two seperate configurations).

You will have to set dwg models for each sheet by Views/Dwg Models/Set Model.

You can create seperate tables for each BOM.
I have the same problem. only on my assy, I have over 50 configuration. every part is the same accept for one that have many variation.

I anyone have different solution than creating different bom on different sheet,

I would exstremly appreciated.....
I'm currently using Wildfire 2 and have been able to come up with some sort of a solution. It may not be as automated as someone else could come up with, but this is what I have done.

When working with a BOM table, I created two columns (for an assembly with two instances) and added the "&rpt.qty" parameter to the first cell in each column. After that, I went to Table, Repeat Region, Column Model/Rep. At this time, Iwas prompted "Pick a cell that contains rpt.qty" and I picked the first quantity column I had specified earlier. Then, a window appears so I can pick the model I want specified for that column. I pick the generic and then choose which instance I want to use. I then repeated the process by picking Table, Repeat Region, Column Model/Rep, and so on until I had both columns assigned. When this was done, the table reflected both boms.

Hope that helps. If someone has a more automated procedure, that would be good to see.
I realize I am dragging this thread out of nowhere, but I have a BOM table that has multiple models as described by hightowers back in May of 2005 but I am interested in getting the qty of some of the items to show as "A/R" since they are glues.

We typically use the relations in the repeat region to do this:

Select Table, Repeat Region, Relations and select the table.

For REF or N/A quantity enter


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