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How to create a ROPE?


New member
I mean how to create a rope in the mechanism, flexible rope...

I`ve seen a mechanism from ProE with rope. See files (.mpg)

Anybody can help me?


New member
U can make a chain but not a rope and i suppose u will not find it difficult. (That means bends would be stepwise rather than continuous.)


New member
U can make an assembly of links of a chain in pro/E itself. Allu need to do is to model a chain link and then asseble them, providing a hinge joint between them.


making a chain isnt as easy as you might think. and even when you make one. its not going to function like a rope.

i dare say making a chain is more effort than its worth.

personally i just use a datum curve. but if u need to illustrate something use a sweep of the trajectory that u need.


New member
Hi aparashar

It`s realy good stuff, but I need rope to simulate a flexibility of rope.

I need use something like rope in the mechanism.

I need something what simulate a flexibility in the assembly. Thanks for help anyway.


New member
It might help if you were a little more concise about what you are doing. If you are trying to animate a calf roping; I think I'd forget it.


New member

I think this is what you are looking for. What I have done in the past to simulate a chain is create a datum curve that is defined between the points that you are trying to attach. You drive the length of the curve using the perimeter option and allow the radius to vary on the position of the points since the length is fixed (this is what the perimeter option does)...
Now the magic for a chain, you can create a point based on the actual length of curve and you pattern it using the number of links you want and assemble the links to the points. If you want alternating links you modify the assembly references or create coordinate systems that are rotated along the way.


PLease be specific about the end product you are trying to make. A rope is only useful in tension and can be SIMULATED using curves etc. If you are trying to animate something then CAD isn't your answer. Show a picture or drescription of the SIMULATION you are trying to get at.


New member
These days I am working something very close and I have the same problem. I have two sprockets 250mm diameter the distance between the sprockets is 6000mm and the chain is 1


New member
Does this kind of construct solve your problem? Play it frame by frame and watch how the string is pulled by the servo arms and appears to thread through the loops and adapt to the configuration of the robotic worm 2005-03-28_132458_Rep.zip.


New member
Hi Poklop

Can you give us some more info as to what your rope does? Is it taught at all times (easy); is there any slack between some points; do you need a catenary curve (a bit harder); does it wrap around pulleys (doable)? Is there any part of it that just piles up limply on the floor (beyond tough)?

Here isa slightly more complete version of the demo. Download both files. Unzip and execute the first one. They will automatically patch themselves together. This is a workaround the 500k limit.



You will see a string threading through grommets in motion. The same trick can be used to have it wind around part of a pulley; if that's all that you need.

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New member
Hi All,

I have a similar need and am looking for suggestions. I design cell phones and I need to model the flexible connector that joins the upper and lower half of a clamshell phone through the hinge area. We are using sheet metal now because we need to flatten it out for ECAD to route traces and place components. Sheetmetal is not optimal because it is not as accurate as I would like it to be. Does anyone have a suggestion to create a model such as this not in sheetmental and yet still be able to flatten it out?


New member
Hie Proe guys,

I agree it is not as easy making a flexible rope in proe,but i think it
is still possible by first producing rope elements by sweep and
trajectory options and then assembling them together,what am not sure
is whether this rope is going to accept structural commands once you
lounge ProMecanica for structural analysis

All the best


New member
I think this is a valid question, and although the english isn't great, I understand what he's asking. What do you do if you want to design a pulley system with either a cable or rope?