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how to create a part from a assy. file, for Top down design?


New member
I have to do top down design.I have a part file and i assembled in assy. mode.

I need to take some of the features to a new part file with same parameters.

Can any one help me out?


Do a CopyGeom in the assembly, select the desired features then build your new part. The copied geometry will be a ghost image while you are building the new part.

jperkins is right. Copy Geom is the way to go. If I can make a suggestion, use Copy Geom in conjuction with a Publish Geom. This will help you keep track of external references in your model.

Create a Publish Geom feature in the assembly. The publish geom feature should contain all the references you want to pass to the part. Then create the Copy Geom feature in the part. Specify the Copy Geom feature to reference the Publish Geom feature from the assembly.

You don't have to create the Publish Geom feature. Copy Geom will work without it. But if you or someone else comes back to this model later, you will immediately recognize the external reference between the part and the assembly.
Thanks jperkins/mead0ws,

i got it.

Is there any method to copy the feature with parameters like dimensions e.t.c. so that no need to recreate it .

In copy geom i can copy only surfaces and re build in part file parametrically.