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how to copy the CATIA V5 CD’s to server?


New member
I want to copy the CATIA installation CD's to a server
and install from the network
but, if I create two folders, CD1 and CD2, then copy the
contents of the CD's into them, I can't install from the
the CATIA installation still asks to insert the second
CD and there is no option to browse to the folder on the

any ideas?

After copying both the cds in to the server

first install the cd1 contents, if asked for the second CD, leave the message as it is and go to the task manager and give end task to the cd1 installation

now go to cd2 folder and run the setup file from the cd2 folder. the setup will start again from 0% dont worry, it will finish.


copy CD1 into a folder named 1
copy CD2 into a folder named 2
(and 3 if you are installing 64bit)

then run setup from folder 1

works a treat

my mistake was in naming the folders, it needs to be 1,
2, etc
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