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How to copy surfaces from another model?


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Can someone pls explain how to copy surfaces from one model to another? I am using Wildfire and I am kinda new to surfacing too. I tried feature operations->copy->from diff model , but couldn't figure the right way of doing it.

Thanks in advance.


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You want to use an External Copy Geom feature.

Insert > Shared Data > Copy Geometry from another Model (or External Copy Geometry).


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.... or, within the context of an assembly containing the source and target parts or (?) assembly features and the target active;

_ Select a surface / solid face to be copied.

_ Edit menu / Copy.

_ The dashboard panel will open.

_ Collect additional entities to be copied. There are some context sensitive RMB screen menu choices available during the process to facilitate selection of all solid faces, etc.

(There was recently a lengthly thread on comp.cad.pro-engineer related to the topic. There are apparently some differences in what's available in the way of Insert / Shared Data /Copy Geom type functions (active menu items) from one installation of Foundation Advantage (datecode related (?), apparently not context related, no additional option modules; e.g. AAX) to another.)


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I contacted PTC and they said that the Shared Data->Copy Geometry feature will be active only when you buy the Pro/Assembly (advanced assy) package. What we have looks like a basic foundation pkg. in which those options were grayed out. I didn't know that, and I was tearing my hair to activate those options.

Anyways, thanks very much for your answers friends.

(Jeff, can u pls. send me the link for that thread? I'd like to know more abt. what this is)



New member
> send me the the link for that thread?

The thread is titled Skeleton Model originating on 4/18/04 by Andrea Willans. (I found it on Google, but the link is about 10 lines long. If you have trouble finding it, holler back and I'll go ahead and paste a link.)


New member
Another way to do it is to export the surface. Wildfire has some new 'wild' ways to manage import data. It is really quite amazing. When you import the geometry simply redifine the import and delete what you don't want. It is tricky to figure out how to delete by a selection window but you can do it. If you need to modify that import simply re-export it or move using the move tool. Most people are scared to death of import geometry but we push the envelope with each new rev.

Bart Brejcha



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