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How to complete my drawing function.


New member
Dear all,

I have a problem to update my CATDrawing.
I'm explain me.
I open a draw file and with the "CurView.GenerativeBehavior.Document.Name" command, I open the part or product.
Then, I open the 3D document and I want to return on the open draw file.
For to do it, I use in first time the "Set drawingDocument1 = CATIA.ActiveDocument" command.
But I don't know how can I display draw file on top of the open 3d document file.
Did you have any idea?

After, I want to modify the link of my view to point to the 3d open document file.
How can I to do it?

And, I like to do that for all views in my drawing file.

If my 3d document is already open, I don't reopen it.

And at the end of my procedure, I want save the drawing file and close all open documents.


Best regards,

Full Function here
' Fonction qui traite les fichiers CATDrawing.
' Toutes types de mofifications peuvent


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