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how to change the part name


New member
hi everybody pl hepl me ,

how to change the part name after generating the 2d for the same file,

As example my part name is abc.prt & my 2d file name is


I want to change the part file to aaa.prt where the 2d file should remain same name

pl help

thax & regards
If you're working in Intralink - rename the part.

If you're not using Intralink - open both the part & drawing in Pro/E. Activate the part, and File | Rename - the drawing will also update.
Open the drawing file so it is memory, now open the part file and rename it. Then save the drawing file. You have to have the drawing file in memory in order for the drawing/part association to update properly.
you need to save your drawing before closing your session.. or else you will in trouble in your next session..
if your part is used into an assembly you need to open in same session that part, it's drawing and the assembly where is used, rename the part and save the .drw, .prt and .asm