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How to Align "Data from Sketch"


New member
I'm using 2001, in the Intent Manager sketcher mode I have used the add data from file command and selected the sketch I wish to use. I then sized and oriented my sketch onto sketching plane. The problem that I'm having is aligning my imported sketch to my datum planes at origin. ( Please see the attached JPEG file).

View attachment 7

The info below references colors , these are from the attached jpeg. I'm hoping that the attached graphic file will assist you in understanding my problem.

My problem is that I would like to align the datum point and ALLl the geometry contained within the red move command ( the data from sketch to the brown datum planes point at origin 0,0 in one move.

I have tried using collinear constraints, and this only works for a single entity. Is there a way to move an entire sketch , maintain all positioning between the entities?

I'm having a problem aligning this geometry( data from sketch) because the white control point ( from the move command) aligns to features beyond my control. The white Large X ( move handle) in the geometry to be moved aligns to unknown features( I suspect it aligns to the hidden grids).

I have turn the grid on and off and turned the snap on and off and have found that the white x (move handle ) is the alignment control point. And this still aligns to the hidden grid.

Is there a way to align the datum points and have all the geometry follow proportionately?

Is the a way to calculate where the white X ( move handle) is generated in the sketch. So when I use this move command, I can compensate and place a datum point to which the White X when aligned to this new point will actually bring the geometry to the origin at 0,0,?

Are there settings in that will allow me to have better control when using the move command?

Last, I'm a new user and don't have much experience using sketcher outside of Intent Manager, so if possible please post a solution that uses intent manager.

Thanks for your help!


New member
Before you close the scale and rotate window drag the imported data close to where it belongs. It's helpful if the imported data has a feature like a point at the place you want it centered. Failing that you have to move the imported sketch geometry around by playing with the dimensions and constrains. Before you try to adjust the position of the entire sketch it's a good idea to first make all the dimensions and constraints Strong. Unfortunately, even making a dimension Strong doesn't keep ProE from changing it. I don't understand why this is true; it seems like a bug to me.

In the case of the simple geometry you show in your post (nice job with the graphics) I suspect simply draging the target in the center of the imported geometry to the intersection of your placement axis will do the trick.

Bernie Hayden



You can dynamically move the snap handle (large X) and snap it to your datum point in your imported sketch. Then you can grab your whole imported sketch and snap the imported datum point to the origin of your new sketch.

To move the snap point when importing a sketch:

Hold down the ALT key, and RIGHT CLICK on the snap handle. Move it to the desired location.


New member
I have an addition comment on this subject data from file. I noticed that sometimes when you move the handle point around it move freely but other times it tends to jump to endpoints of entities. Is there a way of controlling this.


Yes. It is part of Intent Manager.

<ul>[*]To disable a constraint on the fly, click your RIGHT mouse button (RMB)

[*]To lock a constraint on the fly, hit SHIFT-RMB

[*]To toggle between multiple constraints, hit the TAB key[/list]


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