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how to add a Slot to a part in Pro/E 2000i2


New member
I am learning Pro/E 2000i2 student edition. But the Tutorial I am using is for 2000i and in this tutorial, for creating a slot one has to go to

Create > Solid > slot > extrude.

but in 2000i2 there is no slot option in the Solid menu. So I create a cut. is this the only way of adding a slot or is there anyother way.

Any help is greatly appreciated.



New member

if you want to make slot first you have to include allow_anatomic_features in your file.


type allow_anatomic_features->set value to YES ->Add/Change

Click on Apply->OK

After that in Menu maneger you'll have SLOT/NECK/SHAFT comands

Regards JV


New member
I am using Pro-E 2000i as well and do not have the slot feature in my menu. When I goto Utiliites -> Preferences -> Edit Config I just get a blank screen...

Can anyone point me in the right direction...Thanks!


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