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New member
I would like to print out a rendered object in 1:1 scale. Does any one know if there is a way to do this to a Pro/E model.

Thanks a lot in advance.
Hi Joeljpk,

What I need is to print out a shaded object (a company logo in this case) to scale (the way I have it in my 3D model). After I print it out I would lay it over the phisical part that is going to go on, for marketing approval. I imagine that I have to print it out from drawing mode but, how to put scale 1:1 rendered image of my logo in the drawing is what I would like to know.

I need it saded the way I have it in my model.

In a sense, my need is to print a front (Shaded) view of my model to the actual scale.

Any thoughts?

Hmmm... The only thing i really see that you could do is display the part shaded on your screen, then mess with the values in File > Print > Configure. If that side of your part is 2 across, you could set the page width to 8.5 and the side margins to 3.25 each.

I don't know of a better way, really.

If you want to have a scaled print of your shaded model in purpose only to show your company logo, I suggest the following :

Use proe or any other 2D software, sketch over the logo and then print the drw (with the sketched logo on it) in every scale you want.

I think that you only matter about your actual size of your model that has tho logo on it..

Dear Xcad and Joeljkp, thanks for your support. I think I could use your suggestions to work around my issue and get it resolved for this one time (my geometry is complex and it'll be very laborious).

I was hoping to hear from someone that there was a way to place a flat shaded view on my drawing (the same way I normally place any other view) or something like that but, I guess that's not going to be an option.

Thanks you very much.


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