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How do you set decimal places in a family table?


New member
How do you set decimal places in a family table?

I'm using a repeat region on my drawing but it is pulling everything off the family table as 3 place decimals. I only want 2!

When using a table that has a repeat region, hilite the first entry in a column and modify the properties; all other entries should update. If that does not work then hilite the entries that you want to change and then modify the properties to a two place decimal.

I do know that when we use a BOM with a repeat region that you only need to pick the first entry in a column and all entries in that column will update accordingly.
I can't get this to work. When I highlight the table cell and right click and select properties, all it offers is the text properties, not the dim properties.

How do I get it to let me change the dimension properties?
1. If you have that dimension shown on the drawing with a symbol, you can do modify dimension and change decimal place there. Then it should reflect in the table.

2. If you just have table with out correcsponding dimension shown on the drawing.

After you do Enter text for the table. Do edit text and add [.2] where 2 is number of digits.

example &fam.inst.param.value change to &fam.inst.param.value[.2]


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