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How do you make a parameter basic?


New member
I have a model where I have setup a few releationships and parameters such that I have graduation marks on a round surface that correspond to so much linear movement as a function of the pitch diameter of a thread. This works well, but I've come up to a road block as I am creating the drawing.

I am calling out the spacing of the graduation marks in a note, and have used the parameter's value within the note to indicate this. For geometric tolerancing purposes, I am putting a position control on the graduation marks and this subsequently requires that the neccesary dimensions be basic. In this case, the paramater value needs to be basic.

So my problem is having a parameter value called out in a note with a square around that value, indicating that it is a basic dimension.

Has anyone done this? Any ideas on how to do this?


New member
Found the answer to my own question, and thought I would post it here for others to benefit from potentially.

In the text editor of the note, you'll want to type in:

@[[email protected]]

And where 'parameter_name' is you'll use your actual parameter's name. This will surround whatever parameter you want within a Basic dimension box. Very handy!!!