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How do you copy a part and it's associated drawing...assembl


New member
Hello: I hope someone can help me, I am learning pro-e

on a student edition and I can't figure out how to copy

a part or sheetmetal model and it's associated drawing

to new files for modifiction. also I can copy an assembly

and all it's parts to another copy, but how do you get

the draft of the assembly model and the sub parts drawing

to copy

Note: I used help and it said to: create new, uncheck default

template, and supply a model for the template and check copy associated drawings, but I get a message that says:

Model of this class is not allowed to copy from

Is this a function of student edition?


To copy a part & assoc drawings:

1. Open the drawing file (this will bring all associated files into session).

2. Open the part (which should now be in session) and execute file: rename--IMPORTANT: Select the option in session only and type in new file name.

3. Change window back to the drawing.

4. Rename the drawing to a new name (use in session option)

5. Once renamed, save the drawing.

You now have a completely new linked part & drawing of a different name.
Open files in this order:


Assembly(s) - if any


Rename in the reverse order, i.e:




Save the drawing and all renamed children will be saved also..
I have found that you want to go into common space. Copy both and give new name. They will be linked together.

This is done provided you are connected to intra-link.
There is also an option (2001 & i2) in the, as well, that will make a copy of both the drawing, assembly, and part.


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