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How do you access the Parameter dialog window?


New member
OK, I got my Ranting out of my system in that forum. Now I ask calmly, how do you pull up a window to do editing of all the part parameters. It used to be in Menu Manager under #Part > #Setup > #Parameters.

Please don't tell me they did away with this too! It wasn't the best interface but better than doing it one at a time.

Bernie Hayden

Tools > Parameters only gets you one at a time access. I was more specific (and long winded) in my Rant but what I want is the old dialog box where you've got all the parameters visible and don't have to cycle through the Menu Mangler for each and every edit.

Local Parameters are also accessible from the Relations dialog box (Tools > Relations and click on the Local Parameters line near the bottom of the dialog box to expand it.)

I'm not sure I understand why you're getting the Menu Manager for Parameters. Is the new_parameters_ui option still in WF? If so, maybe you've got it set to no.

David Martin

Torgon Industries
By golly the new_parameters_ui option is still in WF. I'd swear that the one I'm reading is the default from my WF installation but perhaps not because it was indeed set to no. Changing it brings up the old Parameters window I was looking for. I wonder what else will be easier now?

I checked my for my 2001 install and it has the new_parameter_ui set to yes. In other words the both installations were opposite the default. I guess for WF I should rename the to config.bak and try saving a new default


Bernie, since I'm not that familiar 2001, can you explain to me the difference between the 2001 parameter interface and the WF interface? What does the new_parameters_ui option get you? I would like a different way to get to and edit my parameters.


Steve C
2001 and Wildfire have two different interfaces for parameters. One is the menu manager, which you're familiar with. The other is a dialog box with a list of your parameters, and by default, columns for type (real, string, yes-no, etc.), value, and designate (for use in simplified reps). There are buttons for adding and removing parameters. There's a drop down list to select the level at which you want to edit parameters (assembly, part, feature, etc.). There are drop down menus as well. I don't think there's too much difference between the dialog boxes in 2001 and WF, but both require the config option new_parameter_ui to be set to yes. (Default is no in 2001.)

David Martin

Torgon Industries


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