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How do I rip this part so that I can unbend it?


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I made this part out of a solid. I then imported it into sheetmetal, shelled it out and inserted the bends and edge rips. I can't seem to make the rips I need where the arrow is pointing. Please let me know how this is done.


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You can also do a 'point relief' in which you place a datum point and rip to it. These are all part of the conversion from solid to sheetmetal. jperkins


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You may also need to specify a deformation area in the round that does not reache the edge of the model. That could be avoided if you create a conversion feature and rip the edge.


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I have a similar part I need to rip. I'm up to shelling it when converting solid to sheetmetal. Can someone please explain which are the best steps to rip the indicated areas in red and create bends on all corners. Thanks

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